“One of the local characters on Orcas Island, where I live, is named Applegate. His friends call him App. For App, life holds nothing more precious than sailing. His passion is unending as he builds by hand his eighty-foot dream boat out of native Northwest timber. Locals trek up the mountain to cheer on this newest ‘Noah’ as he builds his ark under a mountaintop’s cover of cedars and Douglas firs.
For ten years now App has been hammering and sawing hour by hour, day after day, week upon week. The construction has been running a few years slower than he figured, App admits, but he’s confident the yacht will be finished in the next few years.
App is in his eighties.
I look at App with Janus-faced irony. He’s my hero: someone not afraid to commit to a project that takes him into his eighties and nineties. But in my about-face, he’s my antihero: someone whose passion for a life experience has lifted that very experience out of his life.
One day a friend asked App to explain his obsession. ‘I love sailing,’ he disclosed.
‘Been sailing recently?’ my friend wondered. App’s hesitant admission of ‘been too busy’ seemed to shock him into momentary awareness. But he returned to his nails.
The harder we hammer nails, the more unfurled our sails. The faster the lanes get in life, the more fatal our inability to slow down. The hotter the culture gets, the cooler the soul’s core becomes. The more culture accelerates, the more axiomatic the soul’s decelerations.
Leonard Sweet, Learn to Dance the Soul Salsa

Are there good and important activities that are distracting you from God? What “busyness” is keeping you from embracing a fuller life with God?