Peterson laments the fact that he was not able to be at the birth of his children. This was remedied in his mind with his daughter-in-law allowed him to be present at the birth of his grandchild. It was soon after Christmas. The birth of Christ was on his mind.

“The day after the birth I was in the grocery store getting some vegetables and grains for the family. There were several others shopping up and down the aisles with young children in tow–many of them snarling and snapping at the over-lively, curiosity-filled, wildly energetic kids. I wanted to grab the mothers, embrace them, tell them, ‘Do you realize what you have done? You have given birth to a child, a child–this miracle, this wonder, this glory. You’re a Madonna! Why aren’t you in awe and on your knees with the magi, with the shepherds?’ Luckily, I restrained myself. ‘Madonna’ probably would not have had the same meaning for them as it had for me.”