Mark Love, Doug Foster, and Randy Harris, in Seeking a Lasting City, emphasize the importance of worship in staying faithful to the story of God. “The earliest Christians clearly trusted worship to help them keep the story straight. Through praise, confession, and ritual, New Testament communities rehearsed the Christian story when they assembled for worship.”

But it is not worship alone that kept the early Christians tied to the story. Worship, Scripture, faithful leadership, ethics (or holy living), and the work of the Holy Spirit also helped maintain the story of God.

“These aspects are like inseparably intertwined strands in a good rope. For instance, Scripture alone is not enough to safeguard the story. The church’s reading of Scripture is aided by obedient lives, trustworthy teachers, and the illumination of the Spirit. Without these other aspects, Christians can come to view Scripture as little more than a rule book.”

How do you see these different aspects interacting? What would you add to the list?