Scot McKnight gives us a picture of a proper posture before Jesus. Martha hurries about preparing the meal, with her mind mostly on herself. Mary sits at Jesus’ feet with her mind on him. McKnight asserts, “Humans, Jesus says, are defined not by their labor for him, as Martha thinks, but be their relationship to him, as Mary learns.”

This relationship derives from our attending to Jesus as Mary did. McKnight offers three areas in which we can best attend to Jesus: by “listening to the Word, participating physically in worship and the sacraments, and engaging in Christian fellowship.”

Finally, McKnight asserts, “Abiding in Jesus is a discipline of prayer and receiving life from Jesus; it is a way of life. We don’t stumble onto it accidentally; we have to make it a conscious pattern of life. Abiding in Jesus as constant prayer takes practice if it is to become a constant mode of life.”