Sometimes we think of Jesus as apolitical. In our movement we’ve even had proponents argue that Christians should not be involved in politics. They shouldn’t run for office. They shouldn’t hold public positions. Some even went to the extreme to argue that Christians shouldn’t vote. After all, “This world is not my home.” Jesus said, “My kingdom is not of this world.”

However, Jesus’ message impacted many different areas. Ultimately, he was crucified as “king of the Jews.” Here is a long quote from McLaren on the scope of Jesus’ impact.

“I’ve become convinced that if the good news of Jesus were carried in a newspaper today, it wouldn’t be hidden in the religion section (although it would no doubt cause a ruckus there). It would be a major story in every section, from world news (What is the path to peace, and how are we responding to our neighbors in need?) to national and local news (How are we treating children, poor people, minorities, the last, the lost, the least? How are we treating our enemies?), in the lifestyle section (Are we loving our neighbors and throwing good parties to bring people together?), the food section (Do our diets reflect concern for God’s planet and our poor neighbors, and have we invited any of them over for dinner lately?), the entertainment and sports sections (What is the point of our entertainment, and what values are we strengthening in sports?), and even the business section (Are we serving the wrong master: money rather than God?).”

So what do we do? How do we respond to the mess we’re in? McLaren says that Jesus’ answer is: “Change your way of thinking. The kingdom of God is available to all. Believe this good news! The empire of God is now available to all!” And he was not talking about “heaven after you die.”