In this chapter, McLaren focuses on the story of the Old Testament. The story begins with “creation.” In creation God created the earth and all that was in it; and it was good. He created man and woman in his image and it was very good. However, this state does not last. The story moves into the second episode, “crisis.” Humans experience “the Fall.” They experience shame and alienation. Their relationship with God is damaged.

In the third episode, God extended a “calling” to Abraham and Sarah. A time of renewed relationship emerged. There is an exploration of God and his reliability. He is up to the challenge, but his people don’t always match up. McLaren calls the fourth episode by “conversation, covenant, or perhaps even conflict.” God’s people ended up in Egypt. Through Moses, David, and others, God expanded his relationship from a family to a nation.

McLaren doesn’t name the fifth episode. In this time period we encounter the prophets. God’s people ended up in exile. Even after they returned to the land, they anticipated something different, something better. For centuries they waited.

It is into this atmosphere that Jesus entered. Jesus came and proclaimed, “Today this scripture is fulfilled in your hearing.” Jesus’ message and ministry emphasized that God is doing something different, something better, right now. Jesus proclaimed a revolution.

But this was not a revolution of swords and spears. This was and is a revolution of healing and abundance, love and compassion. Jesus’ message changed the world. It can continue to change the world is we embrace the message and live by it.