In this chapter McLaren addresses the ultimate coming of the kingdom and the tendency of some to predict that future. Some provide very detailed descriptions of how they believe the future will unfold. God has already decided the future. We just have to wait and see how it will unfold.

McLaren offers a different description to help understand God’s interaction with his creation. He writes, “God intended to create our universe the way parents give birth to a child: the child is given limits and guidance, but she also has freedom to live her own life. That means that the future of the universe is not determined as if it were a movie that’s already been filmed and is just being shown to us. Nor is it completely left to chance like dice cast on a table. Rather, God’s creation is maturing with both freedom and limits under the watchful eye of a caring parent.”

McLaren does not deny that there are predictive passages in Scripture. Instead, he challenges that some of what has been read as predictive is actually warnings and promises. Does this image help in understand God’s interaction with us? How would you develop it further?