Once Shackleton made the hazardous crossing from Elephant Island to the inhabited South Georgia Island, they still had to make cross the treacherous terrain to the whaling villages on the other side of the island for rescue. Half of their team were unable to cross. The ocean voyage had been two difficult for them. Shackleton knew that they couldn’t stay where they were. They needed to press on for themselves, but also for the rest of the crew left on Elephant Island.

The crossing was an incredible 26 miles over uncharted territory of ice flows, mountains, and uncertain paths. Three men made the journey. However, read one account from their journals.

As they slogged their way through the snow, a strange feeling began to grow on each of the men. The three discovered long afterward that they all had the feeling that there was a fourth. “Even now I again find myself counting our party—Shackleton, Crean, and I and—who was the other?” Worsley wrote later. “Of course, there were only three, but it is strange that in mentally reviewing the crossing we should always think of a forth, and then correct ourselves.” (Jennifer Armstrong, Shipwreck at the Bottom of the World: The Extraordinary True Story of Shackleton and Endurance).

What is your reaction to Worsley’s account? When have you been aware of the presence of God? How did he make that presence known to you?