“The expedition’s main object, explained in the fund-raising brochure, was ‘to cross the Antarctic from sea to sea, securing for the British flag the honor of being the first carried across the South Polar Continent.’ That, in a patriotic nutshell, was the plan. That was what was supposed to happen. Many of the details of how the expedition would be carried out were unspecified. Like many explorers of his day, Shackleton was a great believer in improvisation: he would figure things out as the need arose. As long as he was well equipped and had a good crew, he was confident in his ability to pull off his plan” (Jennifer Armstrong, Shipwreck at the Bottom of the World).

We can’t account for all contingencies. Even if we’re well prepared, things will come up in life which we could not have anticipated. Sometimes we are blindsided by life. Even when we think we are following God closely, sometimes especially when we are following God closely, something can happen that will shake our faith. How do we respond? How do we take stock? How do we continue to walk by faith?

As we said on Sunday, Dead reckoning:
•Becomes necessary when we leave the harbor.
•Is performed when there is no land in sight.
•Is making the necessary adjustments to arrive at the intended destination.

How are you at improvisation? What skills, beliefs do you need to be prepared for an unpredictable future? How can we, as a church help?