In Sailing terminology, there are different types of sailing based upon the direction of the wind versus the direction of the ship. If you are sailing with the wind it is called running. Running is fast sailing. You move quickly. If you are sailing against the wind it is called pulling. In this case, the wind is physically pulling the boat forward. It’s harder and slower sailing when you’re sailing against the wind. If you are sailing across the wind it is called reaching. Reaching is actually the fastest and safest type of sailing.

I’ve picked up these terms as an analogy for how we move in our Christian lives in according to the Holy Spirit. There are times that we act and move with the Spirit. We’re running; things happen quickly. Times are exciting. There are times that we act and move against the Spirit. The Spirit has to pull us along. We kick and scream; cry and complain as we’re moved long. Then there are times that we are stretched by the Spirit. When we’re reaching, we grow in ways we’ve never experienced.

Where are you in accordance to moving with the Spirit? Are you stalled? Still at the dock? Are you running, pulling, or reaching? When have you especially felt the Spirit’s movements in your life?