We’ve been having problems with the goats born Monday night. They were all born breech. One died during the birthing process. Another died two nights ago. We were concerned that it was so cold out. We thought she would be OK, but she crawled away from the others and she didn’t survive. Last night Traci was concerned about the boy. She’s named him Manly. 

She brought Manly in to sleep in the sun room. Evidently our dog didn’t care for that. She went in and pulled off the towel we had Manly wrapped in. Manly let us know he didn’t appreciate that. So at 11:30 Traci went out to try to get him to feed. He wasn’t eating. Traci milked the mother and brought Manly back inside. She held and rocked him in front of our heater and fed him with an eyedropper. She got out a sleeping bag and curled up with him in front of the heater. (I think that lasted about half an hour; I went to bed.) 
Manly’s made it through another night. Sometimes life is hard.