Each week I take the boys out to give Traci a little and much deserved break. We usually go out to eat and then to a book store or some fun activity. Our youngest picked up a book on how to win at poker at this year’s library book sale. He’s been wanting to play ever since. 

So, last night we went over to some friends’ house and had a poker night. We had our IBC Root Beer and Cream Soda and pretzel rods for cigars. Our poker chips were candy; Jolly Rogers = 1, Double Bubble = 5, and Air Heads = 10. We played Texas Hold’em. 
It was interesting to watch the kids play (we had 5 from ages 10 to 15). Some would go all in quickly (and with nothing in their hand). They’d lose. Go borrow some  more candy from someone and be back at the table. Another didn’t want to risk it. He won a nice hand early, pocketed the winning and walk away. (He didn’t seem to understand that we were splitting all the candy at the end of the night anyway. For a brief while, it was his all his, and he wasn’t sharing it with anyone. Although, I think he might have been bank rolling some of the early losers.)
It was a fun night. We finally quit about 10:30 with 4 of the original 7 still playing. One remarked, “You play poker awefully well for  a preacher.” I didn’t start out life as a preacher. I was a finance major in college.