I really dislike TAXES. I know it’s important to contribute to the well being of society. I know its beneficial; there are things we can do collectively that we can’t individually. But I wish there was a simpler way of making our contribution. 

Minister taxes seem to be especially difficult. In some ways we’re considered an employee. In others, we’re considered self-employed. Then there are special rules for clergy housing. It makes for a complex situation. In fact, it usually difficult to find a tax professional well versed in the rules for ministers. 
So, I do my own taxes. I’ve used the same tax software for the past several years and had become accustomed to it. But this year they made changes. I’d have to buy three versions of the software to cover all the rules for ministers. Instead, I made the switch. It’s more to figure out. I can only take the frustration in small doses. For two weeks now, we’ve had tax receipts spread out over my home office. 
I plan to have them done this week. I just wish there was something simpler.