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I had to explain to the boys yesterday that at most churches Easter is a really big deal. For our small church, it’s usually not as big a celebration. We have a lot of young families and most of them travel to visit parents and grandparents. Lots of people we gone.

Going out after Sunday morning we drove past several churches where the parking lots were overflowing. People are packed on the street. We had plenty of parking. Our numbers were down significantly. That often dictates what songs we can sing and the way we organize our worship assembly.

We still recognize Jesus as risen. We still sing praises to God for our redemption. I’m glad our celebration is just a couple times a year. We have followers of Christ whose lives are different every day because of their commitment to Christ. For us the celebration is different.

I just got back from the Ohio Valley University Lectureship. I went last year and enjoyed connecting with old classmates and people we knew from our time in Parkersburg. This year’s theme was mostly taken from Luke, but I also attended classes on Restoration History, Preaching, Leadership, and First Century Life in Galilee. 

It was a long drive up and back, but it’s good to enjoy in intellectual stimulation. Traci held down the fort at home. I felt bad leaving her with all that is going on at home. I went away three weeks ago. Traci went away two weeks ago. I was gone this past week. She says it’s her turn again this week. She certainly deserves it. She’s a wonderful partner.

We’ve been working on a little remodel of our home. Things were slow going for a while. We were taking our time. Then, in the last week, things have really taken off. We’re laying floor, installing stairs. There are considerations for insulation, heating and air, windows. Not to mention walls and room design.

#2 likes to go upstairs and plan out where all his stuff is going to go. A place for his bed, desk, dresser, bookcase. I don’t think he realizes how big these items really are. He’s got his bed, end table, and desk all going in one corner. 
Of course that’s often how things go. It’s difficult to see how things will fit together until they do. We go through life wondering about this situation. How will this setback effect us? How will this new relationship? How will this move? So much to consider, and we can’t see God in the midst of it until after the fact.