Rob Bell in The Velvet Elvis writes, “Missions then is less about the transportation of God from one place to another and more about the identification of a God who is already there. It is almost as if being a good missionary means having really good eyesight. Or maybe it means teaching people to use their eyes to see things that have always been there; they just didn’t realize it. You see God where others don’t. And then you point him out.”

I think Bell’s statement goes well with the book of Acts. God was always preceding his people. Pushing, or perhaps pulling, them to go where he already was. Peter had to see the Spirit come upon Cornelius and his people before he realized that God had gone to the Gentiles.
God also precedes us in our world. We just need to point him out when we get there.
Bell writes, “Tour guides are people who see depth and texture and connection where others don’t. That is why the best teachers are masters of the obvious. They see the same things that we do, but they are aware of so much more. And when they point it out, it changes the way we see everything.”