When I was doing my doctoral work at Azusa Pacific, the first class I had was with Richard Foster and Gayle Beebe. Of course, Foster was the reason I was doing a degree in spiritual formation at APU. I had never heard of Gayle Beebe. However, he was the dean of the Bible department. He had done a combined MBA/Ph.D at Claremont. And his lectures were remarkable.

For class, we had a book recommending different spiritual classics. He seemed to have read all of them and could comment on each in turn. His breadth and depth of knowledge was striking. I was so impressed with that first class that I asked Gayle to be my advisor for my dissertation. I met with him a few times (usually six months apart). Each meeting he would remember what we talked about the last time and give good advice on how I should proceed.
Unfortunately for me, Gayle left to become President of Spring Arbor University. He is now president at Westmont College in California.
Gayle has written a book with Foster, Longing for God. I’m looking forward to reading this book and blogging about it over the next several weeks.