Christian spiritual formation is concerned with the shaping of our entire person into the image of Christ. How does this happen? Beebe and Foster answer, “We simply enter into a life with God, a conversational and redemptive relationship in which our own life becomes open to the influence of the Holy Spirit.”

They have identified seven primary paths to God. The spiritual life as:
  • the right ordering of our love for God
  • journey
  • the recovery of knowledge of God lost in the Fall
  • intimacy with Jesus Christ
  • the right ordering of our experiences of God
  • action and contemplation
  • divine ascent
They’ve picked out individuals who represent each of these paths and written a section on each. I’ll be reviewing these over the next several weeks. Of course, “no single approach is sufficient for every person because we differ in our needs, experiences, problems, temperament and place in life.” We’ll naturally gravitate to some paths more naturally than to others. We’ll need different paths depending our on current life situation. It’s important to be exposed to the different paths so we can know available options when changes to our life situation and spiritual growth occur.