In Longing for God, Beebe and Foster write, “. . . we are all on a journey in life. Hopefully, a journey toward the heart of God. A journey into the subterranean chambers of the soul. A journey into the spiritual unknown. At times all of us stumble and fall along the way. Still, we are able to rise again–scarred, perhaps, but wiser for the experience–and continue on. Most critical for this journey is knowing that we are heading in a Godward direction.”

As we travel on this journey we will need to pay attention to our life and the lives of others. We will need wisdom on the way do discern which path to take. Our path will be different from the course the world would set. We must learn to look differently, to think differently.
Again, from Beebe and Foster: “Success or failure in the eyes of society is measured in terms of wealth, power, prestige and personal achievement. But success in our spiritual life is measured in terms of our ability to understand and address our own spiritual condition as well as the spiritual needs of others.”
Too often in the church, we measure our success in terms of society’s standards. Looking for bigger, richer, more influential bodies and positions. Let us be faithful to what God has called us to.