Beebe and Foster observe, “Luther was raised in a strict, austere religious environment.” He trained as a lawyer. Became dissatisfied with that life. Was drawn to the priesthood (a decision his father hated). Luther became the central figure in the Protestant Reformation.
Luther sought to return Christianity to the people. He translated the Bible from the Latin of the priests and religious authorities to the German of the people. He wrote hymns for the people to sing, making worship more participatory than the typical lecture format of his day. He emphasized the priesthood of all believers.

Luther was responsible for what is called the “five solas of the Reformation.” “sola fide, justification is by faith alone; sola gratia, salvation is by grace alone; sola scriptura, ultimate authority is in the Scripture alone; sola Christo, salvation is from Christ alone; and soli Deo gloria, everthing is for the glory of God alone.”