George Fox was born in England. He belonged to the Church of England, but left to join the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers). He spoke about our direct access to Christ as our teacher (greatly upsetting the religious authorities). He faced great persecution. (The Quakers were not an approved religion.)

Beebe and Foster identify “Seven Elements in Our Life with God” drawn from the work of George Fox.
  1. Every true Christian has direct, immediate experiences of Jesus.
  2. These experiences are best understood by relating them to evidences from Scripture.
  3. These experiences not only confirm current leadings but also provide new insights as we move through life.
  4. Scripture teaches us how to relate our experiences of the historical Jesus with the leadings of the inward Christ.
  5. By identifying with Jesus we enter into his sufferings and understand our own experiences of suffering in relationship to him.
  6. The community of faith is more important than religious traditions.
  7. All of these insights and experiences lead us into the pure love of God.