Friedrich Schleiermacher was a professor at the University of Berlin and is known as the “Father of Modern Theology.” It might seem strange to find his name in this section on experiences of God. However, Schleiermacher was born in Prussian. While living in Prussia his family was influenced (as was Scheiermacher himself) by Count Zinzendorf and the Moravians.

Nineteen Century Europe was experiencing a general religious demise. Most intellectuals were abandoning the church, believing they had grown beyond their need for God. In his book, On Religion, Scheiermacher “began to articulate a defense for religious experience that remains relevant today–relevant today because it captures the vital core of every legitimate experience of God.”
As Beebe outlines the five speeches of On Religion, Scheiermacher is concerned with both our outward and inward forms of religious experience and with the role of the community of faith in helping us to understand these experiences.
Scheiermacher became an advocate for the Christian faith and combatted the skeptics of his day.