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I have a wife who just loves to share. Normally that’s a good thing. However, this weekend she started getting sick. Actually, it started on Thursday and got progressively worse. And now I’ve started. It’s just a bad cold, but it’s no fun. I started yesterday with the sore throat and congested sinuses. Today my arms feel like lead weights. I’ll be glad to get over this.

On another front, we’re closing in on 20 years of marriage. It’s been quite the experience. I’m so glad I’ve had her by my side this whole time. She is such an encouragement. I guess I’ll put up with her colds.

A great weekend for the sports teams I follow. The Mountaineers won in basketball. Beat Pitt in football. ECU won against So. Miss. and finished first in Conference USA East Division. I had a great time watching the game with guys from church. A fun weekend all around.

I enjoy Brad Paisley’s music. Here’s one I especially like.