My wife is hatching chicken eggs in an incubator in our dining room. It is the room with the most consistent heat source and easiest access. We started hearing peeps come from the eggs a couple of days ago. Our dog, Kelly, seems extremely fascinated by the sounds coming from this little box. Yesterday the eggs began to hatch. One had made it out last night. This morning we went in and checked the incubator to find five more had made it out during the night.

Sometimes its difficult to watch the chicks hatching. It’s not an easy process. They come out exhausted and heaving for breath. We’d like to intervene and help them out. Remove a bit of the shell. Make life easier on them. But most times, that’s the wrong thing to do. They need the struggle in order to properly mature. There may be an emergency where they are truly stuck and need help to escape, but most times that’s not the case. It takes an experienced eye to know when to intervene. Most times, we just have to sit back and watch them struggle.

It’s a little like that with our kids. We’d like to protect them from themselves and others. We’d like to help them out and make sure life is easy for them. But often, they need the struggles of life in order to properly mature. If they don’t face the struggle they never gain the strength necessary to make it on their own. Sometimes we may need to intervene. It takes an experienced eye to know when to step in. Most times we need to sit back and watch. It’s hard; I know. We let them know that we’re there. But they need to make it on their own.

So now I’m headed back to the dining room. The peeps are getting loud again. We’re at 11 and counting. I’ll see if any more have made the great escape.