Jonathan has a part in the “Smiles and Frowns” play again this season. Their practice sessions are getting more serious. He has three practices this week alone. I’ve been taking him to practice. I drop him off and then head to McDonald’s to do a little work. I have an hour and a half to kill.

Yesterday, I went in and sat down. I picked a table with four seats so I could spread out my notebook and books. A gentleman came and sat at the two seat table next to me. He kind of gave me the eye when he sat down. I said, “hello.” I asked if I had taken his table. He answered, “No. Don’t worry about it.”

After we had sat there for several minutes another gentleman came in and sat down. He gave me the head nod greeting and began talking with the first gentleman. A third gentleman arrived. The second gentleman got up from his chair and sat down at the chair next to me. Not quite at my table; sort of in between the two, but he did set his cup on the table.

Soon a fourth gentleman showed up. He sat down at my table across from the second gentleman. I scooted my books and notebook over so he would have room. He introduced himself and we shook hands. Not long after that a fifth gentleman showed up. I moved to another table adjacent to where I had been sitting. The fourth gentleman tried to stop me. “You don’t need to move. He doesn’t need to sit down.”

I was back at McDonald’s tonight. The gentlemen were there before I was. They already had their table staked out. I picked a different booth.