It’s hard to believe it’s only been one week. Last week I traveled to West Virginia to visit family and attend the Ohio Valley University Lectureship. Sunday night I received a voice mail from Traci saying that our oldest son was in the emergency room. My cell phone coverage is spotty in the area. The phone hadn’t rung and I only received the voicemail. Traci’s voice was breaking in the message and I was so far away. All I knew was he was in the emergency room following a bike accident. He had hit his head and had a seizure.

I tried calling Traci, but had trouble getting in touch with her. I did talk to her that night. The CT scans were looking good. I asked if I needed to return home. I was probably not in a good condition to drive, at least not that far on no sleep. She told me to stay and she’d update me when she knew more. I tried getting in touch with her throughout the night, but I was unsuccessful. I went on to teach my class at the lectureship.

I was able to talk to my son on Monday. I asked if he wanted me to come home. He thought that would be nice. I left the next day as soon as I could get away. I had planned to stay until Thursday and head back through Morgantown on my return. I had left clothes and other items in Morgantown. They’ll have to wait until a return trip.

He’s doing remarkably well in his recovery. He fractured his skull, but there’s no internal bleeding. He’s moving slowly and sleeping a lot, but at this point that’s a good thing. I am just so thankful that he will be okay.