In Aristotle’s Ethics, he asks: How should a human being live his life?

Robert McKee responds, “Traditionally humankind has sought the answer to Aristotle’s question from the four wisdoms–philosophy, science, religion, and art–taking insight from each to bolt together a livable meaning. But today who reads Hegel or Kant without an exam to pass? Science, once the great explicator, garbles life with complexity and perplexity. Who can listen without cynicism to economists, sociologists, politicians? Religion, for many, has become an empty ritual that masks hypocrisy. As our faith in traditional ideologies diminishes, we turn to the source we still believe in: the art of story” (Story, 11-12).

While his observations about religion may be true, Scripture has a story to tell. If we’ll pay attention to our life with God, we’ll have a story to tell too.