We’ve been living in a whirlwind lately. A couple of weeks ago we picked up a visiting international student from Japan. It’s part of a 4-H exchane program. It’s been a good experience, but we’ve been keeping really busy. We picked him up on a Saturday and the next day, after church, we headed for a family vacation in Gatlinburg. We spent the week in National parks, splash country, and various other vacation activities (Dixie Stampede, horseback riding, swimming, gem mining, strolling Gatlinburg).

Since we’ve been back, we’ve kept up a comparable schedule. There have been concerts in the park, shopping, karate, and 4-H, along with the typical schedule of life. Tomorrow we head for D. C. for a day of sight seeing. We only have about 10 days left on his visit. If the first half of the visit is any indication, it will go very quickly.