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Too often we are cautioned about the possibly slippery slope. We are cautioned about the dangers of change that might lead to additional changes that would ultimately lead us into some form of error.

I was reading another blog that had an interesting question. Does the slippery slope only lead to the left? Does the slippery slope only fall off into liberal error? Is it possible for us to fall off the slippery slope to the right? Can we miss the point of Scripture by being too conservative?


“The occupational hazard of liberal Christians is to leave open questions the Bible closes, and of conservative Christians to close questions the Bible leaves open.” – Clark Pinnock

Probably the greatest problem is figuring out where you are in this quote. We don’t often imagine ourselves in either camp. We tend to position ourselves in the middle. Community becomes so important. And community beyond our own little cliques is especially important. We need the diverse voices to remind us where we are and what is important.