I am an introvert. That means I get energy from being by myself. I need time alone to recharge my emotional batteries.

Being an introvert does not seem to match up with our cultural expectations of being a minister. A minister is supposed to be out front; greeting and visiting. I was even told at one point that I couldn’t be a minister. I needed to find another career path.

I never set out to be a minister. I wanted to be a college teacher. It seems that God had other plans for me. There have been several instances where God seems to have turned me to ministry. It wasn’t a path I would have chosen, so it seems all the more likely that God was directing the choices.

I’ve had opportunities to teach and I’ve received positive feedback in each of these instances, but when a full-time position has come open someone else is chosen.

I’m very blessed to be where I am. The congregation and its leadership have been very understanding of my introverted nature. They’ve allowed me to rework my schedule and choose the best way for me to serve.

We’ll just have to see where God leads next.