I really enjoy teaching. I’ve been teaching in the Weekend College at PCC this semester. We just wrapped up the Introduction to the Old Testament Class. One of the students, having finished the final, confessed, “I’m ashamed to admit it, but I never really thought the Old Testament was very important. I had a class on the Old Testament in the past, but all it was was a bunch of strange names that sounded alike. This class really helped me to understand the Old Testament and see its importance.”

Another student wrote on the back of his final exam, “Thanks, this class has been a huge insight on my faith.”

This is a college class at a community college. We approach the text from an academic perspective. This is not a Sunday school class. We don’t really address “church” issues. However, the text has power. I don’t need to point out all the issues of faith for the text to have an impact. That is the power of the Word of God.