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On occasion it comes out that our church is a capella. People rarely know what that is. Now I have a place to send them.

I’ve been experiencing back pain for a while now. Traci decided I needed a massage and schedule one for me. It was painful to get things back where they should be. My back and shoulders were pushed and kneaded. I’m still sore in some places.

I had been uncomfortable for so long. Hunched over my computer. Hunched over a book. That uncomfortable position felt more natural than the position I was created for.

Sometimes it’s painful for us when God needs to move things around to get us where we should be. We’d rather stay in that unnatural position that’s become comfortable. Getting us to where we should be is uncomfortable, but necessary.

Yesterday my wife asked me if I ever felt like I was preaching to myself. “Yes.” I’ve felt that way especially in this series on Isaiah. Sometimes I need to hear God’s word just as much as the congregation.

In some ways, I’m struggling right now. Intellectually I know that God will take care of us, but sometimes convincing my heart is another matter. I feel like the father in Mark 9. “I do believe. Help me to overcome my unbelief.”

Belief and unbelief residing in the same person. Desiring to follow God, and yet hesitant in those initial steps. I so want to follow faithfully, but sometimes it’s hard to step out in faith and not try to fix things on our own.