Traci and I have been going through a devotional book with our older son. At one point we were asked to come up with one word that describes our life. For mine I came up with “routine.”

Now I don’t mean routine in a negative sense. Sometimes we think of routine as boring. But I seem to function better with some sort of a schedule or routine. I like to know what’s happening today, what we’re doing tomorrow, what’s going on this week. I like to have  a plan. For some, a plan drives them crazy. For me, it’s helpful.

I go to lunch every Tuesday with a group of ministers. Some of them don’t know what they’re preaching on Sunday. They haven’t decided yet. The Spirit hasn’t inspired them. I already know what I’m preaching Sunday. And the next. I know what I’m preaching in January and I know what’s up next for February. I don’t have it all planned out in detail. But it gives me things to study and think about over the next month. In fact, I have a four year plan of the biblical books and topics I’m preaching.

A four year plan isn’t as restrictive as it sounds. I don’t feel so bound to it that I can’t change. If some need comes up, I have times scheduled that I can add a new subject or change one that’s already scheduled. However, it does give me direction and time to think about what is coming. I can file away little thoughts, articles, quotes about what may be coming up.

The problem becomes when the routine becomes a rut. Sometimes the routine becomes so habitual that you don’t have to think about what you’re doing. The routine does become boring. Usually it just takes a little extra planning, or a break from the routine, or a new change to break the rut feeling.

For me a schedule works. It works well. At least I think so.