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Today I got to teach. I have many opportunities, but today I drove two hours, had lunch, taught two hours, and drove back two hours. What was so special about this trip? It was my first visit to Mid-Atlantic Christian University and I got to teach in my area of specialization, Spiritual Formation.

I really enjoy teaching at the Weekend College at Pitt Community College. Sometimes the 16 successive weekends of every Friday night and every Saturday morning wears on me. But I enjoy sharing with the students there. I had a student recognize me in Starbucks last week. He thanked me for the class and said he had learned a lot.

Teaching is a great passion for me. I pray that God will open doors for more opportunities to follow.

It used to be said that we measured churches by counting the nickels and noses, contribution and attendance. That’s where we spend a lot of time in discussion. Contribution and attendance are both easy to measure. It’s also easy to tell if you’re making progress. Are the numbers going up? Then we’re doing good.

But is there a more accurate measure of a churches health and growth? Is there an easy way to measure increasing maturity? What do we look for in a healthy church?