I enjoy juggling. I keep a set of juggling balls in my desk at work. When I get stressed I’ll sometimes take them out and juggle. But I’ve never gotten past three balls. I’ve tried four and could do it for a while, but just not very consistently. A couple years ago I bought a set of clubs. I’ve not mastered them; not even close. Every once in a while I’ll get them out and make another attempt.

I sometimes forget how I started. It all began in Boy Scouts. We learned as one of our activities. One of our leaders brought in a bag of old tennis balls. We all started with one ball. We tossed it back from hand to hand. The idea was to get consistent in tossing the ball. Same height, consistently. Landing in the hand, consistently. Not to far ahead, not to far back, consistently. After we had mastered one, we moved on to two. Toss one ball, then toss the second under. After we were consistent with two, then we moved on to three.

Too often people would attempt to start with three. It just didn’t work. Balls went everywhere. We had to progress slowly. Master part and then move on.

Right now, in life, I feel I’ve got too many balls in the air. It gets that way sometimes. Sometimes that means letting a few drop until I can pick them back up later. If I try to manage them all at once, I just make a mess of it and drop them all. Focus on what I can handle and then move on.