“I was really dreading this class. No, really. I only signed up for it because nothing else was open. I was not looking forward to it at all.” 

Tonight I finished my class teaching New Testament at the local community college; at least this was the last face-to-face contact I would have with the students. The rest of the material will be completed online. After we finished up, one student hung back. He opened with the initial paragraph. And then he finished: 

“But you made this subject really interesting. You held my attention. I learned so much.”

And then he asked where I preached. Many students have said they’d come visit the church where I preach. I’ve yet to have a student actually show up. Many have promised. I remain hopefully.

Still, I believe that seeds were planted. God and Jesus were introduced to those who had never known him before. These are the students for whom I teach.