There are times in everyone’s life when they must decide if they will truly follow God. Challenges will come that will call that calling into question. At those times, do you throw in the towel and give up or do you press on?

My wife and I have been in some difficult situations. We’ve felt called to specific ministry situations that others have questioned. At times we’ve been mistreated. Sometimes even mistreated by those who go by the name Christian. It’s led to times of anger and frustration with God. Its also been scary at times. Yet through it all we’ve hung on. More often to each other and most often to God. These difficult circumstances have drawn us closer in our faith.

It has been especially important for us to remind ourselves and each other that God has always taken care of us. Always. There have been times that we didn’t think we’d make it. Money was tight and times were tough. But we always did. God provided, we survived, and our faith increased.

In some ways we’re facing tough times now. We mind each other that God has always been faithful. He will be faithful in the future. And so we continue on.